Future proof logistics park


Rotterdam Logistics Park is:

  • Ideal for production and distribution companies
  • An efficient HUB near Rotterdam Europoort (22 minutes)


  • The construction of the Blankenburg connection (2024) connecting motorways A20 and the A15, becoming the A24
  • Connection will contribute to a robust network
  • The accessibility from the Port of Rotterdam to the Randstad will improve
  • The pressure on the A15 and the Benelux corridor will decrease

Finally, Rotterdam Logistics Park offers excellent public transportation and is easily accessible by car for your employees, suppliers and customers.


Maasvlakte, also referred to as the 1st Maasvlakte to distinguish it from the 2nd Maasvlakte, that was subsequently constructed (due to the large increase of containers), is a large industrial area (mostly container, oil terminals and transhipment of ore and coals), situated in the Maas estuary. It is part of the Port of Rotterdam and belongs to the municipality of Rotterdam.


The Westland consists mainly of agricultural companies and SME’s in general. The region is important for the distribution and processing of (agricultural) products. The Westland is a prosperous and innovative region, due to the fast-growing development in the field of agribusiness. Many new emerging technologies will help agricultural companies to function more efficiently.


Rotterdam Logistics Park is a real competitor regarding :

  • Current market prices per m2 in the Rotterdam region
  • The quality of the development
  • Sizable solitary buildings
  • Speculative development