Rotterdam Logistics Park

Ground-breaking hub for boundless success

Construction started

Foundation for future-proof logistics

Fundament van toekomst-bestendige logistiek

Completely new, sustainable and strategically located: Rotterdam Logistics Park (RLP) has numerous advantages. A future-proof location for production and distribution companies in the Rijnmond region.

More impact through sustainable decisiveness

The future belongs to those who embrace innovation. Companies that understand that circular entrepreneurship is not only good for people and the environment, but also offers business opportunities. For example, sustainable thinking can help to minimize operating costs. And with a healthy working climate, increased productivity is within reach. Rotterdam Logistics Park bridges the gap from idea to practice. That's how we create new opportunities for the logistics sector.

Our USP's

7 min

Suprisingly nearby

RLP lies to the south of Rotterdam, 7 minutes from the A15. There are direct connections with the port of Rotterdam, the Westland and the hinterland.

100,000 m²

Suprisingly diverse

RLP consists of five flexible distribution centres with mezzanines and offices on a 14 hectare site. RLP is a circular design, with the user taking centre stage.

Suprisingly affordable

RLP is surprisingly well-priced. Moreover, through a lease construction, the tenant can dispose of the entire output of the PV installation on the roof.

easily accessible

Buildings B and C are under construction and will be completed by the end of 2023. The remaining buildings are under preparation. Curious about the possibilities? Contact us and discover Rotterdam Logistics Park.

Building C

The first properties at the new business park, Buildings B and C will be completed by the end of 2023.

19,758 m²


2,272 m²


1,648 m²




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